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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of screens I can advertise on?

You can advertise on as few as one screen. Pricing varies based on the number of screens:
– Less than 10 screens: ₹4000 per screen
– 10 to 20 screens: ₹3000 per screen
– 20 to 50 screens: ₹2000 per screen

Can I choose my screen location?

Yes, you can choose your screen location. Our support team will provide a list of available screens and their locations, allowing you to select the best spots for your brand.

In which cities are the screens located?

Currently, our screens are located in Coimbatore. We plan to expand to other cities across India soon.

Where are the screens located and who will see my ads?

Our screens are placed in high-traffic areas of Coimbatore, such as cake shops, coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores, where consumers with purchasing power frequently visit.

How often will my advertisement be played and what is the duration?

Each advertisement slot is 15 seconds long. Your ad will be played a minimum of 12 times per day and up to 48 times per day, depending on slot demand and availability.

Can I advertise in more than one slot?

Yes, you can book multiple slots. Each 15-second slot will play a minimum of 12 times per day. For example, booking two slots will ensure your ad plays at least 24 times a day.

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